Bryan Baker is a pioneer of online communities and e-publishing. His seminal zine, GAJOOB transitioned online with the publication of The DiY Report on bulletin board systems and then distributed online during the early years of the Internet. GAJOOB Magazine, Cassette Culture Shock Radio and the Tapegerm Collaboration Collective were further media explorations. He continues to innovate across divergent media with VlogWatch.com, HomemadeMusic.com, FamilyScrolls.com, Underground.Graphics, IndieNewsWatch.com, LocalHistory.TV and many others. The Bryan Baker Organization publishes print, digital, audio, video, iOS apps and experimental content, explores sound art and videography, collects and documents family and local histories, curates underground music and art, and creates and fosters online communities. Bryan is also the Genearal Manager for Winn Communications/AlphaGraphics and produces music solo and in collaboration with many artists working out of Blind Mime Studios in Salt Lake City where he lives with his daughter, Allye.


But some things never change, While hatred still remains


Bryan Baker

Baker Brands


Baker Brands builds and promotes a number of niche market online stores.
Bored Trucker

Bored Trucker is an online community for truckers and trucking related companies.


furfoo is an eCommerce and online community for pet lovers.

TEEZ Graphics

TEEZ Graphics is an online shop for the graphic creations of Baker Brands creatives and others.


We develop our own brands and help strengthen others.
Henry the Lima Bean

Henry the Lima Bean is a character created by Allye Baker, branded and licensed by The BBO with products sold through ARTKoop.com, LotsaBrands.com and other outlets as well as the Henry the Lima Bean website.

Method From Madness

Method From Madness is the upcoming book from Bryan Baker, outlining his approach to business management.

Cross the Road

Cross the Road™ is a character created by Allye Baker and licensed through BBO via Creative License Shop and other outlets.

Dead Man's Finger

Dead Man's Finger is a multimedia experience created by Bryan Baker.


LotsaBrands.com is an eCommerce Mall with the powerful Xerox XMPie print/marketing engine behind it, providing even small brands the capability to offer custom print products and marketing.

Bald Spot Union

Bald Spot Union is a humor vlog, podcast and blog by Bryan Baker.


Baker is interested in a wide range of artistic and business brand pursuits.
Discover Sounds

Discover Sounds is an online music review and discover website covering all kinds of music with a bent toward undiscovered artists on net labels, indie distribution channels, cassette culture, home recording artists and elsewhere.

Creative License Shop

Creative License Shop features artists licensing creative work, including music, illustrations, characters, plays, photos, video and anything which can be licensed whether digitally or not.


GAJOOBTube is a vlog channel where Bryan Baker explores 30+ years of underground self-made music.

Blind Mime Studio

Blind Mime Studio features the music, photography and prose of Bryan Baker and many collaborators.

Experimental Music Festival

Music is everywhere. Experimental Music Festival showcases experimental music artists and is a communications resource for music festivals and other activities on a grassroots level.

Homemade Music

HomemadeMusic.com was started in 1999 as an eCommerce site selling self-made music created in home studios. It was certainly not the case that home recording was as ubiquitous as it is today. In fact, much of the music you hear now is made at...


Songwriter's Row is an online community where songwriters can set up residence with access to rich media tools where you sketch songs in progress using our doc builder to add text, photos, audio, video, etc. Receive feedback as you work in a...


Tapegerm is a group of recording artists who share sounds and create new sonic experiences with them. We are a close-knit community and we welcome evolving ideas which explore new ways to collaborate. Tapegerm was formed in May 2000 and after...

Small Tales

SmallTales.net is a creative community where parents and others with kids can go to find creative things to do telling and sharing stories through pictures, words, audio and video.


underground.graphics is a website showcasing the art of underground bands, zines, cassettes, CDRs, vinyl, mail art, found art, comics and other creations. We dig through old zines and other media and rescue the graphics that symbolized larger...

Loop Musician

Loop Musician is an online community and web resource for loop musicians and fans.


We develop a number properties that service industries with managed business communications and targeted marketing.
Photog Hub

PhotogHUB.com is a photographer and videographer hub. Professionals and hobbyists alike can build profiles and sell licenses to their work. The PhotogHUB Print House offers visitors prints on a wide variety of media from poster paper to...

Dine Local

DineLocal.net is a hypermedia directory of local restaurants, bakeries, confectioners, distillers, chefs, farms and other local food-oriented establishments. You'll also find bloggers, vloggers and other publishers as well as organizations devoted to...

Stylist Central

Stylist Central provides expert business communications solutions to style-oriented businesses.

All Dance Directory

AllDanceDirectory.com is a directory of dance-oriented companies and organizations offering free robust profiles to better feature and promote their activities. Beyond the directory, my team provides the graphics communications expertise essential to...

Event Plan HUB

Event Plan HUB helps people managing events with expert graphic services, from display graphics to automated marketing tools, print collateral to eCommerce -- we make it work.


Faith Beacon provides business communications services to faith-based organizations. We build online community portals, manage print collateral, design awesome things, output all kinds of displays, help with promo products, manage forms and other...

Indie Onestop

Indie Onestop provides business communications services to independent artists. Think display graphics for events like branded backdrops, banners. Think vehicle wraps. And think automated, targeted marketing. There is also no better online community...


USLocal helps non-profits and other organizations create, produce and manage business communications across diverse media while maintaining strong brand presence. USLocal.ORG is also rich media directory of non-profits, clubs, groups, causes,...


Truckstop.biz provides websites, office forms & stationery, vinyl decals & lettering, large format signage & truck wraps and marketing services for trucking companies of all kinds.


SelfPublish.PRO provides information and resources to all kinds of self publishers. People rely on our expertise for business communications solutions to develop, strengthen and grow products, services and brand. 


Worksafe HUB helps companies stay safe with better safety graphics, campaigns and print order management.

Medical Office Experts

Medical Office Experts combines industry expertise with the leading web-based print management and personalized marketing tools powered by Xerox XMPie, tailored specifically to the needs of medical offices and serviced by industry...

Cause Target

Cause Target provides marketing solutions and support for cause-centered organizations, nonprofits and other groups. We are experts in graphic commnications, collateral management, member onboarding, fulfillment, automated marketing, direct...


Baker develops and publishes across video, digtal, print and experimental media.

Vlog Watch is an online community for vloggers and lovers of vlogs. 

Indie News Watch

Indie News Watch is a directory of independent news channels on Youtube, blogs, zines and other outlets online or in print and elsewhere. We foster independent, grassroots news reporting at the local and national level and provide marketing...

Digital Music Magazine

Digital Music Magazine explores digital streaming services for new music every month.


We've been actively building and participating in online communities since before the web was a gleam in Tim's eye. We have passion and a unique perspective that fosters engagement.


We are obsessed with organizing documentation and process. It runs through our work from creative to lifestyle to industry. When documentation is alive it transforms its community into an engaged force for positive action.
GAJOOB Magazine

GAJOOB began life as a print zine about cassette culture in 1987, edited and published by Bryan F. Baker. It's been online in various forms since 1992. GAJOOBmagazine.com is a new format and Bryan is currently building the content from a personal...


We are obsessed with organizing documentation and process. It runs through our work from creative to lifestyle to industry. When documentation is alive it transforms its community into an engaged force for positive action.

Family Scrolls

Family Scrolls is an online documentation hub that provides resources for gathering family history media. Families purchase space on a central hub and invite members to help build it with audio, video, photos, and text. Members engage online through...


Lifestyle is health, pursuits, age, culture, passion.

MTHFR is a genetic mutation affecting a large portion of the population. Its recent discovery means that for people  attempting to figure out what it means to them, we are faced with much speculation. This website serves to digest it all.

Winning Midlife

Winning Midlife is a podcast, a book series and a companion online community developed by the BBO. The podcast features interviews and life lessons from beyond the halfway mark of life, along with group discussions and more. Many of us have an entire...


B460.ORG is a resource and motivational website for people planning early retirement.


BeatSleep.ORG is a personal blog and vlog for people who are looking to get better sleep. I'm a longtime sleep apnea sufferer in my late fifties who has lived with this chronic disease my entire life. This website documents my battle through...


A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you. This is BeGreaterNow.com -- or B>.

Gold Age Club

Gold Age Club is a rich media social website for seniors. Join us for open discussions of issues facing us as we grow into our golden age.

Money Focus Group

Money Focus Group is an online community focused on ways to build businesses online. 


AllInstantPot.com features articles and video about cooking with an Instant Pot.

Homeowners Local

Homeowners Local is an online guide by locals geared toward what's happening and other topics of interest to local homeowners. Beginning with northern Utah, from Cache Valley to Utah Valley, in Spring 2019, local reps in an increasing number of...

Linda's Love Shop

Linda’s Love Shop is a specialty website all about expressing love throughout your life to helping it grow stronger every day. It features a blog of daily romantic gifts to keep your relationship fresh with new ideas. Linda also keeps you updated on...

After 50 Journal

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We put further emphasis on products and services at which we have come to excel.
EZ Business Graphics

EZ Business Graphics is an informational website for business administration professionals and small businesses who want a quick reference when producing business communications of many kinds -- from Wordpress websites to creating business cards in...

Your Custom Calendar

YourCustomCalendar.com was a website developed in 2008 for AlphaGraphics which made it possible for customers to submit personalized calendar orders online. 


BrandGuide.PRO helps companies and other organizations develop, manage and strengthen their brand.


Taking a few minutes to express your gratitude every day does wonders and 365Thanks.com is a community where people share videos, photos and talk about sharing messages of gratitude around the world. Order custom printed cards, mailed for you...


BizKitter.com provides onboarding kit concepting, development, deployment and management services to businesses and other organizations.

Business Forms Pro

BusinessFormsPro.com provides professional business form services from design and typesetting to print production and online forms ordering and management. 

Company Printshop

Company Printshop gives every company their own printshop. Set up your own online ordering portal for all of your printed material.

Print Utah

Print Utah provides services and resources for graphics communications for businesses in Utah.


BetterHealth.Directory is a directory of healthcare companies and organizations. We consult and develop rich media profiles to people search for better health. Beyond the directory, my team provides the graphics communications expertise...


Local is essential to effective targeting.

We are building a rich media directory of local businesses and organizations while engaging communities with local promotions.

Local History TV

Local History TV travels to local museums, interviews elders, historians and others with insight into local history. Our website serves to encourage the preservation of local history by taking an active part in keeping local history alive. You'll...


MOGO.BIZ is a Utah business directory where businesses may include any of the following features: videos, coupons, special offers, maps, logos, descriptions, testimonials, customer comments, etc.


These are a few causes stirring us to action.
Help Utah Read

Our home state attracts many immigrants who need information about resources to help navigate better by better naviagating the language.

Earth Day is Every Day in Utah

Dedicated to making every day Earth Day in Utah. You'll find links to people, places and things that help keep Utah beautiful. 

Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.


Don Marquis