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Beam Me Up Collaboration

Beam Me Up Collaboration

I've begun work on a new collaboration with Beam Me Up (aka Scott Carr, Glenside, PA), remixing his recent track called Let It Beep and Beep. I'm having a lot of fun with it because it's a very fun track. Scott's personality always shines through his music and this one bubbles with it. I hope I can extract something out of it and make something new. As you can see from the post picture here, I've got a lot of plugins percolating, pulling Mouth out of the quiver again; this time shaping the bass undergrowth.

Find out more about Scott at his Tapehiss Recordings website.

By: Bryan Baker in Music
Bryan Baker manages a a great team of people at a graphic production shop in Salt Lake City. He is the publisher of GAJOOB Magazine where he is busy curating one of the world's largest collections of underground music on cassette, CDR, letters, zines and other material. He's the former host of Cassette Culture Shock on KRCL Salt Lake City. He is a co-founder of Tapegerm Collective, a worldwide experimental composer network. He produces music and graphics through Blind Mime Studio. He is developer of an ongoing number of web-based and other projects of which you'll find more information throughout bakerbrands.com.