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About Homemade Music

HomemadeMusic.com was started in 1999 as an eCommerce site selling self-made music created in home studios. It was certainly not the case that home recording was as ubiquitous as it is today. In fact, much of the music you hear now is made at least in part in home studios or even just laptops. And homemademusic.com has evolved to become more of  a place to discuss the finer details of creative music making. Artists share video, post stems or loops maybe; and songs of course. Blogging and vlogging also happens. 

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Homemade Music Update 12-24-17

Homemade Music Update 12-24-17

Homemade Music now has nearly 13,000 videos cataloged where home recording artists can find current tips on state of the art home studio production. We have been tagging each video and have built up quite the tag cloud for better browsing into exactly what you might find interesting at the moment. Search for vocals, drum machines, iOS, guitar tutorials and you can spend hours on videos and never come up for air. -- read post